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Sisterhood Is Global

The Feminist Press at City University of NY, NY

Copyright © 1984, 1996 by Robin Morgan


Since its first appearance in 1984 (Doubleday Anchor edition), this book has been revered as "an historic publishing event" and used as the essential text of the international women's movement. The anthology features essays Morgan commissioned from a deliberately eclectic mix of women both famous and less known--grassroots activists, politicians, scholars, guerrillas, journalists--representing 70 countries, from every region and political systems, with particular emphasis on the Global South. Simone de Beauvoir's last essay on feminism is here, alongside writings that introduced Nawal El Sadaawi and Fatima Mernissi to Western readers. Each country's essay is preceded by a preface containing thoroughly researched and referenced statistics on women's status, including data on education, government, the labor force, marriage, motherhood, divorce, custody, sexual preference, welfare, prostitution, rape, battery, sexual harassment, and more--plus national "herstories" and "mythographies."

The first such internatonal collection, this book became an instant classic and remains unequalled as a rich, compelling reader and an invaluable reference.

821 pages, paperback original in FP edition--with a New, Updating Preface by Robin Morgan


"The Whole Feminist Catalogue: A fascinating compedium."--THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW.

A vast amount of cultural and factual information . . . a powerful contribution to the literature of women's studies and human rights.--BOOKLIST

A new preface by Morgan graces the 1996 Feminist Press edition of this classic covering international women's movement issues. Most women's movement coverages tend to be national in scope, so it's especially important to see the continued updating of an essay anthology which mixes women's opinions from around the world; especially the 'Global South'. From personal 'herstories' to data on women, this promises something for everyone.--Midwest Book Review|

One of the most important human-rights documents of the century.""--ALICE WALKER


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